The exhibition GOLD.LIGHT.COLOR.LINE. – icons, paintings, graphics  in the museum of Kandava, Latvia

When contemplating my artistic work and observing colleagues in their creative process, I have realized that iconography artists do not work in isolation from their contemporaries, and it has been so for centuries. Artists of the canonical art and the contemporary ones, have always mutually influenced and inspired each other.

Marta and I are both looking for and thinking of LIGHT. With Ineta, we use GOLD and reveal its symbolic meaning. Lauma and I are united by the expressions of LINES. And with Elīna, we have created works from local Latvian earth pigments.

This is how the exhibition came about, by expressing an interest in each other and willingness to show our similarities to the viewers.

This time about GOLD.

Artist Ineta Freidenfelde

“I see icon as a praise. Gold gives it touch of the eternal light. In my art I praise the less noticeable lives beside us, which often go unnoticed, while they experience a fulfilled life without which the world would be incomplete. Gold is my instrument and way to connect the secular with the transcendental.”

Iconographer Evia Rudzite

“Gold in icons is the expression of spiritual reality and eternity. Gold depicts the Divine presence, God’s mercy that interweaves and fulfills the creation and the saints. The golden background is the setting of light in which the world exists and where divine energy and love function. It is reflected in the golden halo and asist - a special golden line ornament in the clothing and details of the saints. Asist painting is like a non-material light that interweaves the visible and material aspects. Gold in icons is both a light and a color.”  - Genadijs Gorohovs video